Monday, 14 November 2016

[USA / Atlanta / Age of Trump: Minorities dragged through the mud and thrown into the spotlight - would you believe?] The hopes and fears of young American followers of the false prophet - feeling distraught after Trump's election win - but able to sit down for a coffee without being attacked by rampaging Trumpophobes

The hopes and fears of young Muslim Americans

Posted Sunday 13th November, 2016
Text by Michael Segalov
... Inside I meet with Mehreen, Ridwan and Tiffany, three young American Muslims left feeling distraught by the results of the presidential election just a few days before. We sit down for a coffee, and I ask each of them how they’re feeling, their hopes for America’s future, and what they fear. ...
Stories about experiencing fear of evil islam at Huck

# Meanwhile, in places not quite so safe to sit down for a chat and a coffee:

Hillary’s hordes step-up violent anti-Trump riots

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