Monday, 21 November 2016

[USA / Age of Trump / Mother stayed in the US with her son born a year after allah's 9-11 terror-casting and now plays victim card] Can the American family of followers of the false prophet survive Trump? (Will there be more islamic terror-castings, with more 'islamophobia' and more victim-card play?)

Can the Muslim American family survive Trump?

Huda Al-Marashi
15 NOVEMBER 2016
... The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group has expressed its desire to eliminate the grey zone - the spaces inhabited by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and our president-elect is fully cooperating with their vision by suggesting Muslims in the US are a fifth column.

This is the scenario I feared most after 9/11. My mind went straight to the hate. I saw it rippling through generations, the way it had with so many minority groups that had been forced to carry the blame for world events. Exactly a year after 9/11, my oldest son was born. It pained me to think he'd never know a time in this country when Muslims were not the enemy. ...
More fake news equating Trump with ISIS - while 'othering' the 'grey zone' into muslim / non-muslim - and being pained that her eldest son will never know a time when allah and its followers keep casting terror into 'unbelievers' and making themselves enemies at Al Jazeera

# She might consider leaving allah's evil, terror-casting religion, and taking her sons with her - so as not to be the enemy. Problem solvered!