Thursday, 24 November 2016

[USA / Age of Trump / Islamophonia] Assorted recent tales of 'Trump's Islamophobia' and associated boogeyman sightings

# Huffington Post:

After Enduring Months Of Trump's Islamophobia, Muslim Voters Clap Back

Carol Kuruvilla
... After months of listening to Donald Trump’s fear-mongering and Islamophobic rhetoric, American Muslims clapped back at the Republican presidential candidate in the best possible way.

They went to the polls and voted. ...
# Huffington Post again:

American Muslims Are Fearful But Resilient About Their Place In Trump's America

Carol Kuruvilla
... UPDATE: A previous version of this article included information about a supposed attack on a Muslim woman in Louisiana. The student later admitted to investigators that she had fabricated the story. This article has been updated. ...
# Philadelphia Sunday Sun:

Trump’s election leaves American Muslims reeling and scared

... At New York University late last week, hundreds of people sat shoulder-to-shoulder on a grand staircase of a student center to express solidarity after the word “Trump!” was scrawled on the door of a Muslim prayer space at the school. Students spoke of friends who wore headscarves or other traditional clothing and were afraid to take public transportation home for fear of being harassed. ...
# The Nation:

We Can Fight Back Against Trump’s Islamophobia

By Peter Moskowitz
NOVEMBER 8, 2016
... Jany and his friends have good reason to be scared. Muslims, along with Arabs and South Asians more broadly, are under assault in the United States. ...
# The Concourse:

The Election That Almost Ate Our Souls

Jeb Lund
... Why rail against the latest Donald Trump atrocity when simply waiting a day or two would see two or three more spatter across the collective consciousness like a goose shitting off a balcony? Donald Trump lies every other breath, with the mechanical dependency of a barfly sucking a Doral to offset the flavor of $2 well drinks. ...
# Quartz (inch allah):

Khizr Khan's mission to take down Donald Trump is working

Ismat Sarah Mangla
American Muslims can expect a phone call soon from Khizr Khan. On Sunday (Nov. 6), he will remind them to get to the polls on voting day through a robo-call to 500,000 registered voters, organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group. ...
(It proved to be a fizr)