Monday, 14 November 2016

[USA / Age of Trump / Another scary dreadline] American muslims need a survival guide (don't order meats sacrificed to evil allah on planes - eat Kosher, or pork if you have to - it is fashionable to be afraid of allah's evil terror-casting religion)

American muslims need a survival guide

By Ahmed Tharwat NOVEMBER 11, 2016
... Let’s all calm down and regroup. Here is a President Trump Survival Guide that Muslims can follow:

• Start with things a Muslim can do immediately, mostly obvious — changing names, getting rid of beards, hijabs. Yet this won’t cut it. Muslims need to do more. ...
... • When traveling, no Arabic books, Arabic conversation or Arabic music. Don’t ask for Halal meals on flights, especially the international ones. Eat pork if you have to, or ask for a kosher meal. Islamophobia is much worse than anti-Semitism nowadays. ...
More guidance for the unfortunate followers of the terror-casting 'god' and its false prophet made victorious through terror at Star Tribune

# And watch out for islamophobes - they're like cicadas and come out after dark!

Beware of the boogeyman, also!