Wednesday, 16 November 2016

[USA / Age of Trump / Allah the Kuffar Slayer: Another story about allah's success in casting terror - and triggering fear of its evil antichrist religion - allowing its followers to say how unsafe and scared they are - with support from CAIR, no less] FBI: Hate crimes against followers of the false prophet on the rise since 2015 - 257 incidents of 'anti-muslim bias' following several successful islamic terror-castings which left many dead

FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims on the rise since 2015

Tom Miller
PST Nov 14, 2016
... "We are all kind of feeling unsafe and scared, and it's just been a lot to deal with," Ahmed said. ...
More on the followers of the false prophet of islam who are all kind of feeling unsafe and scared (Kuffarphobic?) and having a lot to deal with (reaction to islamic terror-castings normally followed by 'muslims fear backlash' tales) at KCRA3

# How to trigger a 'muslims fear backlash' story - whether any 'backlash' actually occurs is of little importance to the victim story:

The big one - the 15th anniversary of the signature 9/11 terror-casting

Muslims fear backlash if Eid al-Adha falls on 9/11 this year

French Muslims Fear Backlash After Attack In Nice

Muslims fear backlash after Paris attacks

Muslims Fear Backlash After Brussels Attack: Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Often Follows Violence

Michigan Muslims fear backlash from campaign rhetoric

US Muslims fear backlash over Boston blasts

Moderate Muslims fear backlash following terror threats in Sydney

Muslims fear backlash after Charlie Hebdo deaths as Islamic sites attacked

Orlando shooting: Grieving LGBTQ Muslims fear backlash

Bronx Muslims fear backlash after Brussels attacks

# The forward lash is the underlying problem - eliminating the cause (islamic terror-casting) will eliminate the effect (backlashophobia):

Muslims Fear Backlash for Tomorrow's Train Bombing