Sunday, 13 November 2016

[USA / Age of Trump: After years of obsessing over 'anti-muslim backlash' following islamic terror-castings, the followers of the false prophet seem unable to accept that they may have finally got what they wanted - and are in shock at Trump's election] Among devastated Arabs and Followers of the False Prophet, Trump's victory is a call to organize - and play victim cards

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Among devastated Arabs and Muslims, Trump's victory is a call to organize

By Hassan Khalifeh | Friday, 11.11.2016
... Shock

Mariam Alkudari, a Clinton activist at Emerge USA, a Muslim American political action committee that works to encourage communities to vote, was among the many devastated watch party attendees at the Arab American Nation Museum. ...
... Fear

Just a day after the election, Dana Mohammad, a Dearborn Heights resident, experienced that effect while filling up at a gas station in her neighborhood.
"Take that shit off your head, this is my country now, bitch," an older White man shouted at her as he drove off in his trunk, Mohammad posted on Facebook. ...
More devastation, shock and fear at finally succeeded in casting terror and triggering a backlash against islam and its assorted enablers and supporters at The Arab American News

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