Thursday, 17 November 2016

[UK Swamp News / Islamophonia: Spiralling boogeyman sightings as Britain bravely continues to deny link between islam and islamic terror-casting and fails to see the war in the Heavens between the triune God and the islamic wannabe 'lord of the worlds'] Fear of evil, antichrist islam growing as 'anti-extremism' policy fails, says MP

Islamophobia growing as anti-extremism policy fails, says MP

Alan Travis Home affairs editor
Thursday 17 November 2016
... The MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill, representing the largest Muslim constituency in Britain, also warns against rhetoric that wrongly claims there is an “epic clash of civilisations” underway between Islam and “the west”.

“In the vacuum, while Islamophobia spirals, British Muslims despair … Many British Muslims feel surrounded by ‘supremacists’. National supremacists who declare you can’t be British and Muslim. ...
More spiraling fear of allah's evil antichrist religion at The Guardian

# Why would fear of evil islam spiral, if there was not a clash between islam and the West (or a clash of some sort). People don't fear evil islam simply because some of the false prophet's followers have 'grievances' and thus portray themselves as victims.