Sunday, 27 November 2016

[UK Swamp News: Hedjab-Tugging Tales] Why do so many female followers of the false prophet find it hard to integrate in Britain? (Could it be something to do with islam and its warnings against taking Christians and Jews as friends, or calling for 'unbelievers' to be beheaded and mutilated?)

Why do so many Muslim women find it hard to integrate in Britain?

Mark Townsend
Sunday 27 November 2016
... Friends watched her confidence drain away. Haniya considered removing her hijab, the Islamic headscarf. Burying the fact she was a Muslim became the final option. ...
... “These are scary times, there’s a heightened fear and anxiety over what the future holds. The Muslim community feels it’s under a magnifying glass. The rhetoric in the media, constant negative messages being disseminated. It’s unsettling,” she said. Even in Manningham, racist attacks have happened. “We’ve had women with their headscarves ripped off,” said Gora nodding to Carlisle Road, lined with charity stores and a green-domed masjid. ...
More on the perfect storm of victim-hood and failure of iron to alloy with clay at The Guardian

# How to confect a tale of victim-hood:

  • Wear a hedjab to emphasise your difference
  • Throw in 'emboldened bigotry and islamophobia', along with Brexit
  • Margarinise and exclude
  • Heat it up and make it 'febrile'
  • Refer to the 'right wing media' to accentuate the difference
  • Make more references to 'islamophobia' and 'scary times'
  • Move on to the mainstream media, racist attacks and the ever-popular tugged hedjab tales
  • The trifecta: being a woman, a member of a minority, and ... a muslim

And so it goes

# Flee from islam, its strange 'god' and false prophet, and the 'othering' into muslim / non-muslim that comes with it - run for your life!