Wednesday, 23 November 2016

[Terror Australis / Allah the Kuffar Slayer: Best fake news story of the day?: The 'terrorism' term has been hijacked to feed anti-islamic sentiment - so stricter controls on its use are needed] Terrorism tag ‘hijacked anti-Islamic push’

Terrorism tag ‘hijacked anti-Islamic push’

November 23, 2016
... Kuranda Seyit — the former secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, who now heads the Forum on Australia’s Islamic ­Relations think tank — yesterday called for stricter use of the term “terrorism”, saying it had been hijacked to feed anti-Islamic sentiment. ...
More calls for stricter use of the term 'terrorism' in order to prevent islamic terror-castings such as the Lindt Siege being described as terrorism at The Australian (the comments are better reading than the tripe in the story)

# Sneezing while muslim - weaponised snot?

Community leader says terror attack claims just ‘Islamophobia’

James Dowling, Herald Sun
November 22, 2016
... Former Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Kuranda Seyit said even if a “Muslim sneezes in the wrong direction it can be made to look like an act of terror”. ...
... He said it was convenient for governments and the media to describe violence ­involving a Muslim “terrorism because it fuels a multi-billion-dollar ‘Islamophobia’ ­industry”. ...
More weaponised tripe and multi-billion-dollar islamophonia industry fairy stories at Herald Sun

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