Sunday, 27 November 2016

[Moderate muslim Malaisia / Be careful what you wish for: islamophobia (an invented 'fear') has been so successful as jargon that it is used to make Kuffar hate the followers of the false prophet - blowback!] Undergraduates should take on responsibility to tackle 'misconception' about Malays and followers of the false prophet: Zahid

Undergraduates should take on responsibility to tackle misconception about Malays and Muslims: Zahid

27 November 2016
Amar Shah Mohsen
... However, he added it was only right that the Muslims themselves, especially the students, change the misconception that is created to instil hatred towards the community.

"The term ultra and Islamophobia was made a jargon so that outsiders would hate us. ...
More on the successful (obsessive, relentless) use of 'islamophobia' jargon to cause Kuffar to 'hate' followers of the false prophet of islam at theSunDaily

# Obsessive, relentless use of 'islamophobia' jargon:

Senior Turkish cleric 'distressed' over mosque attacks
... "It is very distressing that Islamophobia has turned into Islamic hatred in some parts of society – ‘othering’, xenophobia and all kinds of racism have proliferated." ...
# Trump - *phobia overload :)

Israeli Settlements: More than just ‘Obstacles to Peace’

... However, Mr. Trump has, apparently, made the United States once again safe for racism, homophobia, Islamophobia and xenophobia. ...
# Wearing a hedjab in a beauty contest - not much of a story without ... islamophobia!

Teenager Becomes First Somali-American in Miss Minnesota USA Competition
... "I was born in a Kenyan refugee camp, and I left when I was six years old," said Halima Aden, a contestant in the Miss Minnesota USA competition.

But in the years since she's been in the U.S., the struggle continues with images of Islamophobia and backlash against Somali-Americans is still happening today. ...
# To avoid backlash - cease the forward lash, including but not limited to stabbing Kuffar shoppers in malls - problem solvered!

# Gulling Western politicians with the phony phobia:

Cohen: Dems fail to protect the little guy

# Rising islamophobia (a variant of 'uptick in islamophobia', tidal wave or tsunami of islamophobia, climate of fear and so on)

Islamic convention in Detroit this weekend
... It is addressing serious challenges facing the Muslim community in America with a focus on drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, and rising Islamophobia, according to William Antoun, assistant outreach director of IONA. ...
Whoever wanted to portray islam and its unfortunate adherents as things to be feared certainly picked a winner with 'islamophobia' - allah did the rest.