Friday, 18 November 2016

[Memories: May be time for 'senior research fellows' to do some more research, as the Age of Trump emerges and the 'reptilian overlord' is elected by so many with 'tiny lizard brains'] The Cognitive Neuroscience of Fear, or Why Donald Trump Might be President (Perhaps the voters simply preferred Trump and his policies - in spite of their 'tiny lizard brains' :))

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Fear, or Why Donald Trump Might be President

NOVEMBER 2, 2016
... Fear typically activates a certain part of the brain called the amygdala. The amygdala is a throwback to the reptilian brain, and is highly attuned to perceive immediate threats in the environment. When the amygdala is activated, the brain is no longer able to effectively process information in a rational and conscious way. Amygdala activation is Trump’s bread and butter. ...
# There seems to be more amygdala-activation following Trump's election - riots in the streets, rampant Trumpophobia, muslims scared to wear hedjabs in public in case they are tugged because CAIR, SPLC and other scare-mongers keep posting stories of upticks and spikes in 'islamophobia' following islamic terror-attacks
... Fear alone is not enough, though. You need to scare the spaghetti out of people, and then offer them a solution that will neutralise both the threat and (more realistically) their heightened state of fear. ...
# See below for scary spaghetti
... So what can be done about the control that Trump the reptilian overlord has over so many tiny lizard brains? Not much, actually. Put your faith in natural selection and hope it knocks him out of the presidential race.
# Put your faith in Jesus Christ - and forget natural selection. Don't be too dismissive of people with tiny lizard brains - God would have given His creation the amygdala and all other bits and pieces for a reason.
Dr Jessica L Paterson
Senior Research Fellow
CQUniversity, Appleton Institute
More senior research fellowship - and scary spaghetti - at Adelaide Review