Tuesday, 29 November 2016

[Islamokillia: nothing to do with allah and the false prophet apparently - just a matter of approaching young followers of the false prophet before they 'radicalize', not after]

One Year After the Paris Attacks, What the West Still Needs to Learn About Islamic Terror

by Abigail R. Esman
NOVEMBER 28, 2016
... What is clear is that if the West, and France especially, is going to protect itself from Islamic jihad in the future, it will have to find new ways to approach its Muslim youth before they radicalize, not after.

But so far, no one seems even to be trying. ...
More on what the West still needs to learn (apart from the fact that allah seeks to hijack creation and set itself up as 'lord of the worlds') at The Algemeiner

If they have fallen under the sway of the strange and evil 'god' and its false prophet, it may be too late - what further 'radicalizing' is necessary?