Friday, 11 November 2016

[Groundhog Day / Backlashophobia / Age of Trump] British followers of the false prophet fear backlash after Trump election (as they did after the Charlie Hebdo and similar islamic terror-castings they claimed were nothing to do with islam)

# Perhaps the election of Donald Trump was in part a backlash against years of islamic terror-casting and mass-Kuffarcides - in the US and elsewhere, including Britain

British Muslims fear backlash after Trump election

Nov 10, 2016
British Muslims on Thursday expressed fears that Donald Trump’s election as the next US President would lead to backlash against Muslims around the world. ...
More backlashophobia and followers of the false prophet positioning themselves as victims at Hindustan Times

# Memories:

British Muslim school children suffering a backlash of abuse following Paris attacks

Welsh Muslims in 'immense fear' over Paris attacks

Muslims fear backlash as Eid could fall on September 11 for first time since 9/11 attacks
... The celebration has fallen close to 9/11 in previous years but has never arrived on the same date of the attacks.

The Muslim Council of Britain said the date-clash would be "completely coincidental". ...