Saturday, 26 November 2016

Fear of evil, terror-casting islam is on the rise, fueled by one uptick in reporting tripe after another - but not allah, its false prophet, or its terror-casting followers, for the most part

# Huffington Post - If only allah was Trump!

Trump Wins, Islamophobia Rises

Dr Chris Allen
... In a statement from the SPLC, the catalyst for this unprecedented surge has been “Trump’s hate-filled campaign”. ...
Poor allah - missed out again - even with the Orlando and San Bernardino terror-castings, compared to Trump's zero terror-castings

# Yahoo / IB Times - Trump trounced allah yet again!

Hate Crimes Rises 31 Percent In NYC

Tom O'Connor
IBTimes November 18, 2016
The New York Police Department announced Wednesday a 31 percent increase in hate crimes in New York City as a nationwide surge in violence against minorities has been linked to Donald Trump's presidential campaign and victory. ...
# Huffington Post again - Trump gets several mentions, allah missed out, so Trump again:

As Islamophobia Rises In Many Countries, Muslims Find Unlikely Sanctuary In Western Ukraine

Ian Bateson
While Donald Trump criticizes the Muslim family of a slain U.S. soldier, Crimean Tatar Muslims are hailed in their own country as Ukrainian patriots.
# Huffington Post - Trump gets the gold, Hillary gets the silver, and poor allah settles for the bronze:

Collecting Important, Suspcious Activity From The Primary Sources #MuslimsReportStuff

Written by Tahira Ayub
Nov 06, 2016
... The truth is, this election’s effects on Muslims in America, especially millennial Muslims, has been far more detrimental than any other modern time period. While we are already the generation of post-9/11 hatred and bigotry, this election and the candidates’ views on Muslims as just suspicious-activity-radars has increased paranoia and isolated Muslims. ...
# The Independent overlooks Trump and Clinton - gives it to a fictional character - the closest allah has come so far:

Can Kiefer Sutherland be US president, please?

Gregory Frame Thursday 3 November 2016
... Thanks to the fascistic buffoonery of Donald Trump, it has been characterised by a tone that has swung wildly from facetious to obnoxious to disgraceful and back again. ...
... When Islamophobia rises as a result of the terrorist atrocity, Kirkman steps in. He is not really even a “fantasy” candidate, but simply a safe pair of hands (as Hillary Clinton increasingly appears to be). ...
# Al Jazeera - maybe allah gets it, with the Paris and san Bernardino terror-castings - leaving poor CAIR literally without time to breathe (as happened to the Paris and San Bernardino victims):

US Muslims experience rise in Islamophobia

by Wilson Dizard
December 9, 2015
Muslims across the United States are experiencing an unprecedented increase in hate crimes and bias incidents, community leaders say, amid a rise in anti-Islamic rhetoric by politicians following deadly attacks by extremists in Paris and California. ...
... “We quite literally haven’t had time to breathe,” said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper.

“I don’t have a figure for number of attacks, but it’s unprecedented. And the other thing that’s unprecedented is the anti-Muslim bigotry has moved into the mainstream,” Hooper added. “In previous spikes, like after 9-11, Islamophobia was on the fringes of society.” ...
# Maybe allah could have a chat with CAIR, SPLC and others, and get them to give it more credit for its ability to cast terror and trigger 'islamophobia' - I doubt that Trump would object