Sunday, 27 November 2016

[Denouncing those who resist allah's evil, antichrist religion as ... 'dark forces'] Dark Forces Winning the Game!

Dark Forces Winning the Game!

by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
... During the recent presidential election in the USA we saw a fair share of similar blame-games and passions against the ‘others’. Donald Trump portrayed himself as the anti-establishment avatar who would ‘make America great’ again; he blamed the Mexican illegals for ‘stealing’ jobs of ordinary Americans and raping and killing White Americans; he used fear-mongering tactics against Muslim immigrants to solidify his position amongst the rabidly Islamophobic evangelical Christians. No wonder that hate crimes against the Muslims are now all-time high. Hijab-clad Muslim women continue to be harassed and threatened, and mosques attacked and vandalized in what is alarmingly becoming the Trumpland, and not the land of the immigrants. ...
More deflecting attention from allah's evil, terror-casting religion to those who resist is and refuse to submit to it at The Ovi

# If the false prophet's followers keep trotting out this tripe, they may end up convincing themselves that it is all true - exchanging the truth for a lie