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[YouTube / Oz / false prophet riots / greenwash] Young people speak up about city riots

Young people speak up about city riots

26 September 2012
Young people from across the religious spectrum have spoken up in the wake of the events in the Sydney city centre on Saturday September 15, in a video posted on Youtube – My Muslim Mates.

The film was put together by Widyan Al Ubudy and Malik Osman of the Community Engagement Team of the Community Relations Commission of New South Wales.

Each of the speakers concludes his or her comments with a tribute to their “Muslim mates”.

The Chair of the Commission, Stepan Kerkyasharian, explained today that this was part of the on-going work of the Team which has been working on projects to engage young people and draw them into working with young people of other faiths throughout this year.

“Those regrettable events in Sydney two weeks ago, and the subsequent threats of retaliation, underscore the need for young Muslims to be engaged and drawn into the general life of this State. Our Community Engagement Team is doing just that and this short video is part of that important work.

“As a society we do not have a choice about tackling this issue.

“The Community Relations Commission is charged with responsibility for promoting and safeguarding community harmony. We must continue to pursue our legislated role.

“We hope the Youtube video will provoke debate and lead young people to a better understanding that as Australians they must work together to develop our society as a place where everyone has an even chance and everyone has an equal level of acceptance”, Mr Kerkyasharian said.

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# Source: Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW