Monday, 18 February 2013

Transcript of Joint Doorstop Interview - Prime Minister of Australia

Transcript of Joint Doorstop Interview | Prime Minister of Australia


Prime Minister


Subject(s): Industry and Innovation statement; Australian Industry Participation Authority; Anti-dumping laws; Automotive Supplier Advocate; Prime Minister's Manufacturing Taskforce; Senator Xenophon; Geert Wilders
PM: I'm pleased to be here at Boeing with Minister Combet to launch a plan for Australian jobs and I'd like to think Ian and the team at Boeing for hosting us today. ...
... JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, Senator Xenophon arrived back in Melbourne today. (Inaudible)

PM: Yes, we will. Yes, we will. I was surprised and disappointed to see the treatment of Senator Xenophon yesterday and as the Foreign Minister has dealt with publicly, we made immediate and strenuous representations on his behalf, not only in relation to him being detained, but into him being allowed to be in Malaysia.

Clearly we didn't succeed in getting the agreement of the Malaysian Government for him to remain in Malaysia.

I'm glad that he is back safe and well, but we will continue to pursue this issue with the Malaysian Government.

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, do you have a view on the Dutch MP Geert Wilders coming and speaking in Australia this week?

PM: I think my ministers have made clear the Government's abhorrence and my abhorrence for his views.

Okay, thanks very much.