Tuesday, 19 February 2013

[SBS / MultiCulti] Geert Wilders offered multiculturalism lesson

Geert Wilders offered multiculturalism lesson

19 Feb 2013
Andrew Bolton, SBS
... Mr Kotsiras says he supports freedom of speech but does not support the incitement of violence or hatred.

"We are multicultural and we are proud of it, we have embraced it over many years and are a prime example of how it can work. And I find it a bit amazing that someone is ready to travel 16,000 kilometres to tell us why he or his party has failed in his own country." ...
... Speaking in his personal capacity, UNESCO Chair in inter-cultural and inter-religious relations, Professor Gary Bouma (bo-mah) says Australia is no longer a little Europe.

"We have made a healthy smooth transition from being a British-dominated Protestant society to being a multi-faith society. It's happened it's taken work. A few people are a little disapointed they don't have the power they used to have but the society as a whole rejoices in the fact that we are diverse, that we allow people to be who they ...
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