Thursday, 14 February 2013

[SBS / Controversial? Far-right?] Dutch MP Wilders anti-Islam warnings dismissed

Dutch MP Wilders anti-Islam warnings dismissed

14 Feb 2013
Source: SBS staff
... "Australian politicians, don't be afraid of me. I'm a lawmaker, not a lawbreaker and I'm just telling the truth and I want Australia, a country and a people that I respect very much - any Dutchman knows that young Australians fought for our freedom in the first and second World War - I hope I can tell you what happened in Europe and support you in your fight to preserve freedom for your children."

But Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has dismissed warnings by a controversial Dutch politician that Australia needs to learn from Europe and be vigilant of Islam by not allowing the mass immigration of Muslim people. ...
More head-in-the-sand from those who spearheaded the push for muslim immigration, Leb-style surprise sex, drive-bys and other forms of cultural enrichment at SBS World News Australia