Monday, 4 February 2013


Melbourne, 4 February 2013 - Q Society of Australia Inc. is excited about the forthcoming Australian tour of The Hon Geert Wilders MP.

Over the weekend there has been some media and online attention about certain groups planning street protests for and against Islam.

Q Society of Australia would like to make it clear that we are the only organisation involved with Mr. Wilders visit. Any anti-Islam protests or demonstrations are not associated with Q Society in any way. We are an educational-based organisation seeking to inform and share knowledge, not to protest and cause disruption. Our charter is to help inform and educate the Australian public about Islam, which is still very poorly understood.

The discussion is about a religious and socio-political ideology, not biology.

Mr Wilders has distanced himself very clearly in the Dutch media on Sunday from what he describes as “racist idiots” who only seek to abuse his visit.

Q Society and Geert Wilders distance themselves from any white supremacism and racism in all forms; as we distance ourselves from all groups advocating violence.

The spokesman of Q Society, Mr Andrew Horwood, hopes that all Australians, on either side of the discussion about Islam, will act in a sensible and appropriate fashion and refrain from any display of violence, racism or intimidation.

After the deadly attacks on the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn and the Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh, as well as multiple death threats against himself, Mr Wilders now lives and travels under special 24/7 security arrangement.

Australians interested to attend the public events with Mr Wilders in Melbourne, Perth or Sydney can register online at or call 1300 023 287.

General admission tickets sell for $66 with a limited number of concession seats still available at $33 for aged pensioners, TPI and DVA gold card holders. ...