Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Put pork on your fork / heave the halal / hurl the horse / avoid meats sacrificed to strange gods and idols

Opinion: Chance for Halal Industry to raise the bar
... The world’s largest food manufacturer, Nestle, with a large imprint in the halal market, admitted that two of their beef products produced out of their factory in Italy and Spain contained more than 1% horse DNA. ...
Italy: World Halal Food Council Europe arrives in Italy
(ANSAmed) - ROME, FEBRUARY 25 – The World Halal Food Council Europe, which groups top experts on foods Muslims are allowed to eat, will meet for the first time in Italy ...
MP calls for assurances over halal meat
Sadiq Khan MP has called for assurances that the Government and the FSA are investigating halal meat as part of the horse meat scandal.
Why horse meat scandal in Europe concerns Muslim world
According to Dutch media reports, one Dutch businessmen linked to the European horsemeat scandal has previously been convicted by a court for passing off horse as Islamic halal-slaughtered beef.
Prisons ordered to destroy halal pies and pasties
The Ministry of Justice orders all halal products from one unnamed prison supplier be destroyed after tests - prompted by the recent horse meat scandal - found some contained non-halal meat.