Wednesday, 20 February 2013

[Oz / The conservative side of politics] Dutch MP entitled to Islam opinion: Abbott

Dutch MP entitled to Islam opinion: Abbott

February 20, 2013
ANTI-ISLAM campaigner Geert Wilders is wrong about Islam but is entitled to his viewpoint, says Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. ...
... Mr Abbott said Mr Wilders' comments on Islam were substantially wrong and it was odd that he had referred to the ANZAC spirit in his speech. ...
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Abbott rubbishes Wilders's views on Islam

By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen
... Mr Abbott says Mr Wilders is free to "say his piece", but says Australia's experience of multiculturalism is different from the Netherlands.

"Obviously he's entitled to his viewpoint, but I think that the Muslims in this country see themselves rightly as fair dinkum, dinky-di Australians, just as the Catholics and the Jews and the Protestants and the atheists," Mr Abbott told Fairfax radio.

"We see ourselves as Australians.

"We don't like to divide ourselves on the basis of race, of faith, of colour, of class, of gender.

"That's one of the great strengths of our country. ...
More fair dinkum, dinky-di Australians at ABC News

# Some examples of dinky-di Aussies:

Full-bred Aussie with a longing for sharia law

Sally Neighbour
January 21, 2011
IBRAHIM Siddiq-Conlon has a message for Australians, whether they want to hear it or not.

"One day Australia will be ruled by sharia, no doubt," he declares. "That is why non-Muslims are worried, because they know one day they won't be able to drink their beer, they won't be able to eat their pork and they won't be able to do their homosexual acts, because one day they know they will be controlled."

Siddiq-Conlon sits on the steps of the NSW Parliament House, the location he has chosen to launch his rhetorical attack on democracy, which he describes as "an evil system of life". ...
Schools should embrace Ramadan as well as Christmas - Muslim leaders

Felicity Williams
December 15, 2010
SCHOOLS that celebrate Christmas should also embrace other non-Christian religious festivals, Muslim leaders say.

Keysar Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, called on the Victorian Education Department to include the traditions of other religious faiths as part of the formal school curriculum. ...
Our meat ‘now halal’

By John Van Klaveren
2nd December 2011
MOST meat from Geelong’s only abattoir is now halal, according to a union representative.

Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union assistant secretary Paul Conway said MC Herd had joined a majority of Australian slaughterhouses in adopting halal practices.

But many were killing animals without stunning them first, he said. ...
Hefty bill for Muslim women's privacy at public swimming pool

John Masanauskas
February 11, 2011
RATEPAYERS could be stung up to $45,000 to install curtains at a public pool so Muslim women can have privacy during a female-only exercise classes.

The City of Monash has won an exemption from equal opportunity laws to run the sessions outside normal opening hours. ...
Australian Muslim women choose to live by own code

The Daily Telegraph
July 23, 2011
... Ms Dakiz is among thousands of Australian Muslims living by a shadow civil code known as sharia law.And despite the arrests this week of three men who police allege carried out a sharia law punishment, Ms Dakiz and 28-year-old friend Rebecca Kay yesterday said their traditions have a place in Australian society. ...
# While we do have a few dinky-di politicians remaining, Tony Abbott does not seem to be one of them.