Monday, 11 February 2013

[NewsMaker] Geert Wilders Highlights Loss of Freedom in Australia

Geert Wilders Highlights Loss of Freedom in Australia

Melbourne, 9th February 2013
Geert Wilders touches down in Australia next weekend and the thought of the popular Dutch parliamentarian challenging Australian views on Islam has our politicians, media barons and bankers already running for cover.

The image of a small number of enraged Muslims and Marxist rent-a-crowds protesting in our streets has spooked many in corporate Australia before a single ‘Geert Go Home’ placard is held up.

The latest in this sorry saga is a Sydney radio station. The event organiser had signed a contract and paid to broadcast short radio ads over two weeks advertising the Geert Wilders tour. Scheduled to commence on 7th February – they never went to air. No explanation given. Eight hundred and thirty State and Federal politicians were invited to attend an evening event with a fellow MP and leader of a democratic European party, which represents one Million Dutch voters. Four (4) Australian MPs have accepted.

With this in mind, who has the courage to discuss Islam? In 2013 and with the Islamic population at just above 2 per cent, Q Society believes it imperative to address this question. Geert Wilders comes from the same Kingdom of the Netherlands sending their sons and daughters to fight for Freedom and Western values beside our own in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Are our children prepared to die for values we have already buried at home?