Wednesday, 13 February 2013

[New Zealand] 'Wogistan' MP should resign - Islamic leader

'Wogistan' MP should resign - Islamic leader

A leader in the Islamic community says NZ First MP Richard Prosser should resign over his controversial comments about Muslims.

Prosser today apologised ''unreservedly'' for the lack of balance in a column he wrote for Investigate magazine ...
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# Meats sacrificed to strange gods are OK, but negative comments about muslims and islam are verboten

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... Speaking at the Eid reception hosted by Pansy Wong, Minister for Ethnic Affairs, in the Grand Hall of Parliament Buildings, Dr. Ghani said that Halal industry which not only included meat and meat by-products but also includes dairy products, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals is a unique contribution of Muslims and full opportunities in Halal tourism are yet to be realised. ...
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