Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Islamic College of South Australia - mandatory hedjabs for Kuffar teachers - Australian Government funding ...

Furious debate as teachers at Islamic College of SA's West Croydon campus ordered to wear hijab or face sack

Investigations Editor Bryan Littlely
February 11, 2013
... Furious debate has erupted, with many respondents irate over what they perceive as double standards in the school's stance, claiming the ruling is religious discrimination. There were repeated calls for an end to any government funding to the school. ...
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# Follow the money, and the bullies who breach their own policies

Islamic College of South Australia
ICOSA Annual Report 2011

As part of our funding agreement with the Australian Government we are required to ensure that specific "School Performance Information" is made publicly available to the school community.
ICOSA Annual Report 2011

... School Income Broken down by funding source - 2011

The Islamic College of South Australia does not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of the School Community are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all. The consequences of unacceptable behaviour are clearly stated in the Behaviour Management Policy. ...

Islamic council linked to cash shift

November 16, 2012
Anna Patty
PRIVATE schools receiving up to $15 million in government funding each year have transferred large sums to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which operates six schools around the country and is the country's peak Muslim body. ...
... A Commonwealth audit has identified poor record keeping in relation to transactions between the schools and AFIC, and a lack of proper documentation, or no documentation, of rental arrangements at the Islamic College of Canberra and Islamic College of South Australia. ...
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