Monday, 5 November 2012

[America / apostasy / antichrist] UA Muslim community thrives despite small size

UA Muslim community thrives despite small size

November 5, 2012
by: Ashanka Kumari
... “The fundamental belief of Islam is that there is no God but God,” Sharif said. “There is only one God, and it is the same God of Christianity and of Judaism. Where Islam and Christianity divert is the question of Jesus. Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet of God, whereas Christians believe Jesus is God in human form. We don’t believe Jesus is God; we don’t worship him, but we love and respect him as a prophet.” ...
More blasphemy at The Crimson White

Blasphemy against Jesus Christ, the Son of God. No riots, rampages, or calls to the UN to outlaw such blasphemy, but there are consequences in this life and the next for rejecting the Biblical God's plan of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

"Allah" is antichrist, as is its false prophet:

1 John 2, in part:
22 Who is false but he who says that Jesus is not the Christ? He is the Antichrist who has no belief in the Father or the Son. 23 He who has no belief in the Son has not the Father: he who makes clear his belief in the Son has the Father.
24 But as for you, keep in your hearts the things which were made clear to you from the
first. If you keep these things in your hearts you will be kept in the Father and the Son.
25 And this is the hope which he gave you, even eternal life.