Sunday, 4 March 2012

Blogger country codes and problems with the Disqus comment system

Google has started redirecting * to country-specific URLs, depending on where the visitor is located, as described below:
Why does my blog redirect to a country-specific URL?

Q: Why am I seeing a URL change?
A: Over the coming weeks you might notice that the URL of a blog you're reading has been redirected to a country-code top level domain, or "ccTLD." For example, if you're in Australia and viewing [blogname], you might be redirected [blogname] A ccTLD, when it appears, corresponds with the country of the reader’s current location.
More information at Google Support

The Disqus comment system is working normally with the blog posts, but not with the page entries in the bar with the Home button near the top of the page. To allow the Disqus comment system to work normally with these pages, click this link, which over-rides the country redirect:

Disqus is apparently aware of the problem, and working on a solution.

(Thanks to Bruce)