Monday, 3 October 2011

Another fairy story about islam being hijacked

The roots of Muslim rage

Dr Muzaffar Iqbal
Monday, October 03, 2011
On September 27, 2011, the US State Department announced that Iraq has made the first payment of a three billion dollar purchase of 18 F-16 warplanes, which are a “symbol of the commitment that we’ve made to the Iraqi government to have a long-term strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq,” Victoria Nuland, a State Department spokeswoman, said.
In time, the OIC made itself superfluous, though it still exists on paper. In its stead, there emerged violent groups who were not conscious of their self-defeating strategy but who decided to take up arms against whoever they felt was not doing what they thought should be done. This violence achieved two extraordinary things: it buried the emerging hope of a change on the basis of ideals of Islam and it brought the Western forces back into the Muslim world.

It achieved the first by hijacking Islam and making it a violent ideology which, in turn, allowed the huge military apparatus of the state, supported by the Western powers, to crush the nascent Islamic awakening. It achieved the second by proxy as no Muslim state could have withstood the violent attack of a determined group, they rushed to buy arms and security from the Western powers, which were only too keen to reinvade the Muslim world. The amount of money now being spent on buying arms by some of the Muslim countries is merely a footnote in this sad tale.

As things stand now, there is simply no hope in the near future. The destruction of so many realms of Islamic life and ideals has led the entire Muslim world on a suicidal path: the transformation of Mecca and Madina into Las Vegas-like cities is only an outward spiritual indicator of the rot that has seeped into the Muslim world.
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"Allah" is the root cause of muslim rage - rejecting the truth of Jesus Christ, and replacing it with its lies, and condemning muslims in the process. Politicians and leaders enable this evil and blasphemous religion at their peril.