Sunday, 15 September 2019

[Life behind the Iron Burka in 'moderate' muslim Malaisia: followers of false prophet raid other followers of the false prophet who were reading the Yasin (sura 536 - some babble about the false god) and performing tahlil (a form of hhikry dhikry dhok?)] No force used during raid on Shia group, says Johor department of the false god and false prophet

No force used during raid on Shia group, says Johor Islamic department

Bernama - September 13, 2019
... Religious Affairs, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee chairman Tosrin Jarvanthi said the raid, conducted under Ops Hauzah, was carried out according to standard operating procedure (SOP).

He said 30 enforcement officers assisted by 15 policemen took part in the raid from 11pm to 1.30am. ...
More standard operating procedure by and against followers of the phony god and false prophet at Free Malaysia Today

Untouchables Theme Music

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Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ at PWTC as Umno, PAS sign historic charter

[YouTube / Free-speech-phobia / Harm Reduction Through Suppression Of Harmlessness] Hey Guys! The Word ‘Guys’ is Problematic (Computing Forever)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka: Promoting the false god's blasphemous, antichrist religion in Chicago - complete with English translations of the koran - even though allah wasn't gifted in English and communicated in Arabic, or something] American Neighbors Visit Mosque for Open Mosque Day – See Their Reaction (GainPeace)

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[YouTube / Mystery, Babylon the Great / Iron Burka falling on Germany - with help from politicians whoring after the false god and its blasphemous, antichrist religion] Germany: Mainstream Leftist Party insists Germans wants to be Islamised (RAIR FOUNDATION USA)


[YouTube / More expressions of muslimness or perceived muslimness in the land where people are imprisoned for bacon crimes and reporting on expressions of muslimness or perceived muslimness] The latest Huddersfield Muslim grooming gang trial (Politico)

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Saturday, 14 September 2019

[YouTube / Iron Burka / Expressions of muslimness, anti-Jewishness and anti-Christian-ness] Ex-Muslim :The hate towards Christians and Jews is embedded in the Quran '' (Music Legends)

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[YouTube / Life behind the Iron Burka in Iran: Hedjabbery, Soccerphobia and the pursuit of freedom and happiness] Inside Iran: the fight for women's rights after 'Blue Girl' tragedy - euronews (in English)

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(Note the reporter wearing islamic bondage gear)

Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire "Remastered"

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[YouTube / Iron Burka falling on America: Another 'free' citizen wasn't expecting some sort of 'Islamophobia Inquisition' when he posted some things on Fakebook] FROM 5/10/2019 College Trustee Under Investigation For Inflammatory Facebook Posts (CAIR on TV)

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[YouTube / Flying while muslim / Some people did something / Expressions of muslimness and victimness / Antichrist / Blasphemy / Sharia / False god] “Who suffered most from the terrorism on 9/11? Muslims,” (Learning Islam)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka: CAIR monitoring the growth of moskes and the false god's evil religion prior to some of its dudded followers doing some things, and later saying some things about CAIR's founding] #CAIRSnapshots: In 2001, CAIR Releases Census of U.S. Mosques, Publishes Guide for Muslim Voters (CAIRtv)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka falling on Canada: Public expressions of muslimness - and resistance - in a nation turning from Jesus Christ, whoring after strange gods and false prophets in preparation for the Beast 666] asura 22Anti & pro Islamic marches in Toronto (Learning Islam)

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[YouTube / Israel / Wars and Rumours of Wars / Ezekiel 38 - 39] Netanyahu: WAR could break out in NEXT FEW DAYS (EverythingNewUnderThe Son)

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[YouTube / FGM - Someone cut something / Beware of false prophets / Whining while muslim] Ilhan Omar Calls Muhammad Evil, Vile, and Abhorrent! (Acts17Apologetics)

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Echo And The Bunnymen - The Cutter HD

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Friday, 13 September 2019

[YouTube / 'Islamophobia Inquisition' in Once-free Britain / Expressions of muslimness, victimness and false god-ness: may allah not destroy them (Jews and Christians); how they are not turned away! (not Sura 9:30 of the blasphemous book) UK Islamophobia adviser tells British Jews: ‘Jews and Muslims must stand together on hate’

UK Islamophobia adviser tells British Jews: ‘Jews and Muslims must stand together on hate’

12 Sep 2019
... Speaking on a panel chaired by Board of Deputies Vice-President Edwin Shuker, Imam Asim said: “Islamophobia and antisemitism have been on the rise in recent years with increasing attacks on Muslims and Jews. This is why our communities must stand together against hate, and the Board of Deputies is right to empower more interfaith activists through events such as this conference.” ...
More standing together with those whose false god may destroy them at World Jewish Congress

[YouTube / Flying while muslim: Some people reminded the world that they have reason to be afraid of a religious system they had known as an invading force] The 9/11 Hypocrisy (Apostate Prophet)

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