Saturday, 23 June 2018

[YouTube / France / Looking For Mister Akbar] What Does "Allahu Akbar" Really Mean? (Apostate Prophet)

# Apostate Prophet

[YouTube / Iron Burka / EU / Feet of Iron and Clay / Censorship / Free-speech-phobia / Islamisation / Diversity] EU Approves Internet Censorship Bill | Article 13 | Meme Ban (The Iconoclast)

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[YouTube / Perilous Times / Extreme Weather / Volcanoes / Knowledge Increasing / Feet of Iron and Clay / Burden of Damascus / Afghanistan - allah's carnival of death / News from the East / Jesus Saviour - Lord of Lords - King of Kings] SIGNS OF THE END TIMES: LATEST NEWS AND EVENTS (JUNE 22/18) - The Watchman 777

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[Iron Burka / Once-great Britain: False prophet school continues to operate (police continue to threaten 'islamophobic' tweeters)] Islamic school head forced out after weapons and £400,000 cash found at flat in grounds

Islamic school head forced out after weapons and £400,000 cash found at flat in grounds

Tristan Kirk
... The two men were questioned by police and remain under investigation. They have not been formally charged with any offence. ...
More on the uncharged men with the weapons and heaps of cash - while police threaten 'mean tweeters' who mock them and show fear of islam - at Evening Standard

# Meanwhile, life under the Unofficial Monster Raving Loony Party continues ...

The United Kaliphate Sharia Police are officially the most incompetent and repugnant and treasonous ‘Police’ of all time.

Friday, 22 June 2018

[Moderate muslim Malaisia: The false prophet Mohammed (let him be anathema) was part and parcel of the fake god's fake religion - but fake news came later, or so the narrative goes] 'Fake news is a signal of the end of times': PAS (a party which fell for the fake god and its fake religion - if only the fake prophet had access to twitter, facebook and other social media to spread his lies and blasphemies)

'Fake news is a signal of the end of times': PAS

Friday 22 June 2018
... Referring to the era of Prophet Muhammad, fake news never existed, Mr Abdul Hadi said.

“Islam does not promote exposing other people’s fault even though they are really at fault because Islam encourages the people to repent and seek forgiveness. ...
More tripe about the fake prophet and his fake 'good news' (islam) at Today Online

[YouTube / Age of Trump] Thank You Useful Idiots (Wild Bill for America)

# Wild Bill for America

[USA / 'Islamophobia Inquisition'] Commentary: Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility

Commentary: Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility

By Marc Thiessen
The Washington Post
After years of smearing good people with false charges of bigotry, the Southern Poverty Law Center has finally been held to account. ...
Story at Portland Press Herald

[YouTube / USA: SCAIRmongering in the name of the fake god of islam] CAIR News Conference at Va. Detention Facility Calling for Immigrant Family Reunifications (CAIRtv)

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[YouTube / Terror Australis / Iron Burka / War upon the Saints / Kicking while muslim - no beheadings or amputations, for now] Muslims brawl for Council control...intimidation at Liberal Party meeting (crosseyedone)

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[YouTube / Israel / Wars and Rumours of Wars / Psalm 83] IDF Ready for GROUND WAR in Gaza - Prophetic Changes on Temple Mount Occurring (EverythingNewUnderThe Son)

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[YouTube / Salvation and eternal life is only through Jesus Christ - not through following a fake god and false prophet, walking around an idol in Mecca] Brother Waheed's word to Muslims who walk in circles around the Kaaba - English subtitles (Music Beauty)

# Music Beauty

[Iron Burka / Mystery Babylon: Europe falling under the sway of the fake god and its blasphemous, antichrist religion] Europe's earthquake is underway

Europe's earthquake is underway

Giulio Meotti, 21/06/18
Europe has more sharia courts and veiled women, less unaccompanied women it its cities at night and less cartoons of Muhammad. ...
More on the decaying continent at Israel National News

[YouTube / Earthquakes / USA - Space Force / Lawlessness / Burden of Damascus / Pestilence / Extreme Weather / Swordi - Yemen War] END TIMES SIGNS: LATEST NEWS AND STRANGE EVENTS (JUNE 20-21, 2018) - End Times Reporter

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Islamization in the Schools - Crisis Magazine

Islamization in the Schools - Crisis Magazine: While jihadists across the globe are busy slitting throats, American school children are taught that jihad is an “inner struggle” and Islam means “peace.” While Muslim rape gangs destroy the lives of teenaged girls in England, American teenagers learn that Muhammad was a champion of women’s rights. ...

[YouTube / Iron Burka / Hedjabbery: Submission to the fake god's religion during the unholy month of Ramadan by wearing hedjabs for 30 days - instead of seeking to help women exercise the right to live without being compelled to wear the things] During Ramadan, women of all faiths take on hijab challenge to show solidarity (Good Morning America)

# Good Morning America

# Thanks to The Spectator Australia:

The 30-day hijab challenge

# The Daily Chrenk:

30-DAY HIJAB CHALLENGE – Are you covering yourself up in solidarity?

# ABC News:

During Ramadan, women of all faiths take on hijab challenge to show solidarity