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[YouTube / Iron Burka falling on Canada / Expressions of muslimness] Methods to execute homosexuals (Learning Islam)

# Learning Islam

[YouTube / Iron Burka falling on USA and the West: Security guards attempting to keep arenda patrons safe get caught up in an expression of muslimness, followed by SCAIRmongering by ardent followers of the false god and false prophet of islam] CAIR and the Pepsi Arena Hijab Crisis (CAIR on TV)

# CAIR on TV

[Iron Burka falling on Europe and the West: Followers of the false god spruik its phony religion as a race, in order to protect it from 'racial vilification' - when they succeed in dudding the public into 'racialising' the non-race, they claim that the 'racialising' leads to ... islamophobia, of course] "Europe has a problem with religion" (It has been lead to believe that a false god's religion is a race instead of a religion)

"Europe has a problem with religion"

Marian Brehmer
... What do you think causes Islamophobia?

Hyokki: It has a lot to do with the phenomenon known as the "racialisation of Muslims". Muslims are treated as if Islam were a race. In this way, anti-Muslim prejudice becomes racism. It employs the same terminology that is used in biological racism, which is why researchers often talk about "anti-Muslim racism". Islamophobia is not just about stereotypes or prejudices, it is an institutionalised form of discrimination. Moreover, it should be stressed that Islamophobia is not merely a phenomenon that emerged after the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Muslims had been subject to discrimination long before 9/11. We only need to dip into European Orientalism to see that anti-Islamic sentiment has a long history. ...
More racialising (and brownifying?) a false god's non-race in order to cause phony phobia long before some members of the non-race did some things on 9/11 at Qantara.de

Monday, 18 November 2019

[Anti-infidel sentiment: Followers of the false god and false prophet somehow get the notion that they should fight against 'infidels' - in turn triggering 'phobia' of the phony religion for the assorted 'islamophobia registries' to 'study' and 'report' on - blaming the victims instead of the perpetrators and the false god motivating them] Followers of the false god and their 'vulnerability' to just about everything

Muslims' vulnerability

By Rohiman Haroon - November 17, 2019
... “What you see in certain countries, fighting for centuries, were between Shias and Sunnis, because each consider the other not Islamic enough and see the other as infidels,” he explained.

We are an ummah created to believe in the Unseen, steadfast in prayer and spend in the way of
God as recommended to us in Surah al-Baqarah. ...
More on the false god's 'ummah' and the associated division and fighting at New Straits Times

[YouTube / Mystery, Babylon the Great / 'Abrahamic Family House' / Peace and Security - Coexistence - Global religion riding to power on the emerging system of the Beast 666] World Peace and Population Reduction Called for by Pope Francis & Mickey Mouse Scientists! (aminutetomidnite)

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[Terror Australis / Allah The Kuffar Slayer / 'Islamophobia Inquisition' / Key Performance Indicator: Another 'study' finds that 'phobia' of the phony god's religion is leading those with the 'phobia' to attack the phony god's followers, instead of living in fear of them, or something. Perhaps the false god should try to do something constructive instead af casting terror, as its time runs out] Attacks due to 'phobia' of the phony religion in public on the rise as 'perpetrators' become more brazen (following numerous expressions of muslimness using guns, knives, cars and bombs), 'study' finds (as such 'studies' tend to do)

Islamophobic attacks in public on the rise as perpetrators become more brazen, study finds

By Rosemary Bolger
... The report, produced by Charles Sturt University’s Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, found more than 70 per cent of the victims were Muslim women and girls.

They were subjected to verbal abuse, profanities, physical intimidation and death threats in public places, most often while shopping.

Anglo-Celtic males were the perpetrators in three-quarters of cases. ...
More responses to violent expressions of muslimness taking place in public places in major cities at SBS

# Doing this seems to be resulting in resistance, rather than 'phobia':

[8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

# allah is unlikely to stop until it is cast into the Lake of Fire

Register of phony phobia of the phony god's phony religion:

Islamophobia Register Australia

Key Performance Indicators

(I suspect they will be wanting more 'phobia' to 'report' on in the next edition - should there be much left of islam for their to be a 'phobia' to 'report' on)

[YouTube / Expressions of muslimness in Canada: False prophet (blah blah blah) Companions of the false prophet (blah blah blah) Not true muslims (blah blah blah)] 11 Bilal Philips Shia not Muslims (Learning Islam)

# Learning Islam

[YouTube / Iron Burka / Hedjabbery: Woman wearing what may be a hedjab stands near entrance for some time after passing through security check several times - eventually attracts attention to herself, or something] Pepsi Center hijab incident security footage (CAIR on TV)

# CAIR on TV

Pepsi Center hijab incident security footage.

# Michael Roberts

(SCAIRmongering follows)

CAIR-Colorado Calls for Policy Change After Pepsi Center Demands Muslim Mom Remove Hijab

# CAIRtv

# Oh the shame of it all :)

Muslim woman says hijab got her shamed and nearly refused entry at Denver Pepsi Center arena

# Celeb Daily News

[Ezekiel 38 - 39 / Psalm 83: Supreme Dalek of Iran unveils latest call for the false god's 'ummah' to destroy the fake 'xionist' government of Israel, and perhaps the USA into the bargain] 'Islamic world' should unite to fight against the common enemy (be careful what you wish for)

Islamic world should unite to fight against the common enemy

Posted by Qayam
November 17, 2019
Tehran: Supreme Leader of Iran, H.E. Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei while addressing an international conference in Tehran told the delegates that the xionist government of Israel is a fake one. ...
More on the latest call to foil the conspirackies of the enemies of the false god's doomed religion at The Siasat Daily

Sunday, 17 November 2019

[YouTube / Great Falling Away / Beware of false prophets / allah the destroyer / Antichrist] How Allah Got His Name Wrong (Islam Debunked)

# Apostate Prophet

[Oz / Enrichment: Mrs Palm-oil and her five pillars of islam] Revealed: Refugee who botched his DIY penis enlargement is flown to Australia from Papua New Guinea to undergo reconstruction surgery - and YOU will pay for it

Revealed: Refugee who botched his DIY penis enlargement is flown to Australia from Papua New Guinea to undergo reconstruction surgery - and YOU will pay for it

By Jackson Barron For Daily Mail Australia
17 November 2019
An Iranian asylum seeker who botched his DIY penis enlargement will undergo genital reconstructive surgery, which will be funded by the Australian taxpayer.

The man has suffered swelling and limited function of his genitals after he injected his penis with palm oil. ...
More mockery of a gullible nation at Mail Online

[YouTube / Iron Burka - Swordi / Expressions of muslimness] Catwalk in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Describe what you see (Taqiyya Watch TV)

# Taqiyya Watch TV

# Edit:

Saudi Arabia Model Less 'Ghost Fashion Show' Drones On The Ramp Walk I Gabruu News I Gabruu.com

Saudi Arabia Fashion Show Replaces Models With Drones | ABP News


[Canada / Understanding expressions of muslimness in an age of fake news and stereotripes, with a fake god calling for its followers - brown or other colours - to behead and definger 'unbelievers'] After being called 'terrorists,' brothers organize event to talk about the religion of the false god that casts terror

After being called 'terrorists,' brothers organize event to talk about Islam

Jen St. Denis, CTVNewsVancouver.ca reporter
Saturday, November 16, 2019
... The title of the talk is "Understanding Islam in a World of Fake News and Stereotypes." The brothers say they don't think that people who call them "terrorists" have a negative view towards Muslims, but they believe the comments show ignorance and that people are being manipulated by "fake news" in the wake of the election of U.S. President Donald Trump in 2016. ...
More being manipulated by 'fake news' in the wake of the election of U.S. President Donald Trump in 2016 instead of taking the fake god seriously when it said it would cast terror and called on its followers-of-colour to behead and mutilate non-followers a few years prior to Trump's election at CTV News

[YouTube / Israel / Redemption / Jesus Saviour - Lord of Lords - King of Kings] Gospel of Yeshua Reaches the Kotel (Western Wall) - Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat (PNN News and Ministry Network)

# PNN News and Ministry Network (www.ppsimmons.com)

[YouTube / Iron Burka / SCAIRmongering in Dearborn: Expressions of muslimness versus ... blackness?] CAIR and the Henry Ford Professor (CAIR on TV)

# CAIR on TV

# Perhaps the doctor's 'diagnosis' can be changed to 'Post Trumpmatic Stress' :)