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[YouTube / Fake god and false prophet of islam insulting Jews and Christians - forcing them to live in submission, turning them into minkeys, extracting jizyah - in the days before the 'mainstream media' promoted and defended its blasphemous, antichrist religion] Islam's Dark History With Jews (2/3) - Apostate Prophet

# Apostate Prophet

[USA / New York / Islamophilia / Great Falling Away: False christs and false prophets will arise and deceive many] Union Chapel welcomes Reverend Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson (To talk about bridging divides and pursuing justice instead of preaching the Gospel, apparently)

Union Chapel welcomes Reverend Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson

... Reverend Henderson has spearheaded innovative educational programs, ranging from convening CEOs on ethics in business practice to infusing mainstream media with compelling faith voices on issues such as a moral economy, sex trafficking, immigration, gun violence, LGBT equality, Islamophobia and anti-semitism. ...
More innovative programs to deflect attention from salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ at Shelter Island Reporter

Auburn Seminary


[YouTube / Hymen-tearing tales from a follower of a fake god with a fertile imagination] Islamic obsession with black-eyed virgins of paradise (Music Beauty)

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[YouTube / Age of Trump / Once-great Britain / Part and Parcel] Nigel Farage And Sean Hannity Joke About Protesters, Discuss EU Army, NATO, BREXIT (Jerry Eldred)

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[Once-great Britain / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Part and Parcel] Widow’s plot to bomb holiday beaches

Widow’s plot to bomb holiday beaches

By Patrick Williams
15th July 2018
... They added: “She has mentored dozens of female terrorists and favours white converts to Islam because she feels they attractsam less suspicion by the security services.

“She has convinced many female extremists that they need to sacrifice their lives if they want to be real servants to Islam. ...
More on the 'racist' follower of the fake god and false prophet at Daily Star

[YouTube / Europe / Daniel / Feet of Iron and Clay / Sexual Emergency / Submission to the fake god] Islamization Europe deepens - Dutch news headlines shows sad reality [English subtitles] (Beautiful Europe In Danger)

# Beautiful Europe In Danger

[YouTube / Daniel - Knowledge Increasing / Wars and Rumours of Wars / Burden of Damascus - Israel - Russia / Ezekiel 38 / Extreme Weather / Pestilence / Lawlessness / Jesus Saviour / Rapture / Redemption] 2018..End Times Bible Prophecy & Christian News (The Watchman)

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[YouTube / Revelation / Extreme Weather / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Once-Great Britain - Trump - Barking Mad / Lawlessness / Israel - Invasion - Repulsion / EU - Feet of Iron and Clay / News from the East / Jesus Saviour] END TIMES SIGNS: LATEST NEWS AND STRANGE EVENTS (JULY 14, 2018) - End Times Reporter

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[YouTube / Once-great Britain / Trump Triggers Extreme Make-Believe] The Trump Haters (Monarchoflos)

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Walk on the mild side - Sugar Monkey

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[YouTube / Memeries / Cardboard Khomenei] "Ayatollah" [1979] by "Steve Dahl & Teenage Radiation"

Amazing Adventures of Cardboard Ayatollah

Saturday, 14 July 2018

[Iron Burka / Once-great Britain / Age of Trump] Public prayers to the fake god and orange jumpsuits: How London's followers of the fake god and false prophet 'stood up' to Trump (in solidarity with the fake god's followers doing it so tough in America - yet more still want to come to live and moan about how bad the USA is)

Public prayers and orange jumpsuits: How London's Muslims stood up to Trump

Areeb Ullah
Friday 13 July 2018
... "We knew Trump was coming, and we wanted to show the world that Muslims are against this man in a way that represents our faith and message in a positive light."

Bayomi, wearing a black abaya and pink hijab, began to walk towards Regent Street. Following the lead of other Muslim activists, she held a poster featuring an orange bin emblazoned with the phrase "Dump Trump". ...
More showing the fake god's evil religion and message in a positive light (by not beheading Trump?) at Middle East Eye

# Better to dump islam, along with its phony 'god' and false prophet.

[YouTube / Once-great Britain / Trumpophobia (allah is doing its best to destroy London - knives, bombs, guns and vehicles in the hands of muslims are more effective than Dalek sink plungers)] ‘We’ll destroy the world’: Dalek Trump hits London during mass protest (RT)

# RT (Thanks to Bruce)

# Predictive memories of a dying nation:

Spike Milligan - Pakistani Daleks

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