Wednesday, 20 February 2019

[YouTube / Terror Australis / Expressions of muslimness / Mental Minto Man saw devil (allah?) in head] TERROR AUSTRALIS: Minto trial major update - Is Ihsas crazy? (Mayortwilleger)

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PROOF Allah is Satan: From the words of Muhammad

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[YouTube / USA / Islamophonia: Trademark SCAIRmongering following expression of free speech about America opening the gates for 20 million of the fake god's followers to enter - leading to an uptick in islamic terror in the form of hijackings, shootings, stabbings, beheadings, driving-while-muslim incidents, and more] FOX 43: CAIR Chicago Partners Respond to Cubs Patriarch Joe Ricketts’ Racist Islamophobic Emails (CAIR Chicago)

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# Memories: Expressions of freedom of speech and thought bad - when opposed to the fake god and its evil, terror-casting religion - expressions of violent muslimness not so much

Hoda Muthana plead to return home [NBC News | CAIR-Florida's Hassan Shibly]

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[YouTube / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Expressions of muslimness and killing-non-muslims-ness] Ex-Muslim :What reformation Muslims believe Al-Mahdi will bring about ! - English subtitles (Music Legends)

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[Once-great Britain / 'Deradicalising' jihadis, and other yarns] How would I deradicalise Shamima Begum? With islamic scholarship - or ignoring allah and its false prophet and suggesting that islam has evolved into modernity, or something

How would I deradicalise Shamima Begum? With Islamic scholarship

Usama Hasan
Wed 20 Feb 2019
... However, this binary worldview is medieval and no longer a fit for a modern world. While terrorist theologians believe the default state of international relations is based on warfare with the non-Muslim world, modern Islamic international relations are based on peace. ...
More on a world still 'othered' by a fake god into into muslim / non-muslim - and heading for destruction - at Guardian

Islamic State teen who ran away to Syria to be stripped of UK citizenship: Lawyer

Feb 20 2019
... Lawyer Tasnime Akunjee tweeted that the family is "very disappointed with the Home Office's intention to have an order made depriving Shamima of her citizenship."

He said the family is "considering all legal avenues to challenge this decision." ...
More on the daughter who left Britain for the pleasure of living in a state governed by a fake god's fake laws at Stuff

Jihadi Mom Shamima Begum Has Citizenship Revoked - Parents Will Appeal

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[YouTube / Jerusalem / Stabbing while muslim - dead terrorist's mother expresses her muslimness] Mother of Palestinian Knife Attacker in Praise of Son: He Was a Butcher, Knew How to Slaughter (MEMRI TV Videos)

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[YouTube / Canada / Expressions of muslimness and anti-Kuffarness / Unholiness / Fake god and its blasphemous, antichrist religion] Filth & Impure are Non-Belivers. Says Toronto Imam (fight Islamophobia)

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[YouTube / Conspiracky] New Moral Outrage: Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theories (Computing Forever)

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(At the time I viewed this video, it has 1 view and 21 upvotes - must be a conspiracky!)

[YouTube / Revelation 17 - Mystery, Babylon the Great / Pestilence / Ban plastic straws - but hand out 2 million syringes to be dropped in the streets / Peace treaty - Beast 666 / Jesus Saviour] "Revelation: The New World Order" (Hope For Our Times)

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This Person Does Not Exist

[YouTube / Expressions of muslimness: beheadings are allowed under islamic 'law' (mock beheadings in Oz vilify the fake god's real beheadings)] Britain's little Jihadi warrior (Politico)

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[YouTube / Terror Australis: Followers of the fake god are offended by a mock beheading - but not apparently offended by the fake god's calls for 'unbelievers' to be beheaded and mutilated - or by real beheadings in Swordi and elsewhere under the sway of the fake god] Blair Cottrell Loses Appeal Over Bendigo Muslim Protest. Seven News (mele host)

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# Fake god makes 'genuine' call for expressions of headlessness:

[8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

[YouTube: The false prophet apparently didn't celebrate blackness, intersectionality ...] The Penalty for Calling Muhammad "Black" (Sharia in Islam) - Acts17Apologetics

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[YouTube / Allah the Kuffar Slayer: Another expresser of muslimness directed against 'unbelievers' now says she made a mistake / SCAIRmongering] ISLAMIC State Bride Hoda Muthana from Alabama in Syria begs to come home Breaking News February 2019 (u2bheavenbound)

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# SCAIRmongering on her behalf (different story if she had tweeted something 'islamophobic' while loosely associated with a debaseball team):

Hoda Muthana plead to return home [NBC News | CAIR-Florida's Hassan Shibly]

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# Trademark SCAIRmongering about the phony phobia of the phony god's phony religion and its associated expressions of muslimness - shooting, stabbing, beheading, spindling and mutilating 'unbelievers':

Chicago Cubs, CAIR, Muslim Organizations Agree to Work Together Against Islamophobia

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[YouTube / Once-great Britain / Expressions of muslimness - beheading while muslim - Shamima's Baby / Tommy Unloads!] Tommy Robinson's Explosive Rant On ISIS Jihadist Shamima Begum's Child (Jerry Eldred)

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[Terror Australis / Victoria / Anti-free-speech-ness: Mock expressions of muslimness (beheadings) resulted in a conviction under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for offending the fake god's followers - real expressions of muslimness against 'unbelievers' not so much] Blair Cottrell to Persevere With Blasphemy Conviction Appeal

Blair Cottrell to Persevere With Blasphemy Conviction Appeal

February 19, 2019 Tim Wilms
... Cottrell is aiming to challenge the constitutionality of Victoria’s blasphemy law under Australia’s implied right to political communication. Bolton has argued that there is “no such class of persons as Muslims” that could have been offended by the mock beheading video given the various strands in the Islamic faith. ...
More on the 'offended' followers of the fake god that calls for beheadings and mutilatings of 'unbelievers' at The Unshackled

# A follower of the fake god expresses non-offendedness at ridgey-didge expressions of muslimness that are not to be mocked by Kuffar, apparently:

IS ‘poster girl’ Shamima Begum says her time as jihadi bride was mostly ‘sitting at home’

Phoebe Loomes
February 19, 2019
... In a bizarre new interview, the Bethnal Green teenager explained she became religious after watching videos of beheadings, and “the good life” provided by IS.

When prompted by the BBC journalist to explain why she left the UK, she said she had seen “not just beheading videos” but “people in the park, you know?” ...
More not being offended by ridgey-didge expressions of muslimness at

[Once-great Britain: BBC hit by uptick in yarns about 'islamophobia'] Islamophobia behind far-right rise in UK, report says :)

Islamophobia behind far-right rise in UK, report says
... The Hope Not Hate poll conducted in July 2018, found 49% of those who voted Conservative in the 2017 general election thought Islam was generally a threat to the British way of life, compared with 21% who said it was compatible.

Among Labour voters, 22% said Islam was generally a threat, and 43% thought it compatible.

The report says the Conservatives should do more to challenge the negative view of its voters. ...
More expressions of Once-great-Britishness and obsession with 'phobia' of the fake god's religion as it continues to cast terror through shootings, stabbings, bombings and similar expressions of muslimness at BBC