Saturday, 10 December 2016

[USA / New York / Dawa: Beware of False Prophets (Let Them Be Anathema)] “Your Muslim Neighbor Wishes You Happy Holiday” (While continuing to deny the deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ?) – This LaunchGood Campaign Is What We Need Right Now

“Your Muslim Neighbor Wishes You Happy Holiday” – This LaunchGood Campaign Is What We Need Right Now

by Nabila A. Shemies
... In response to the hate and bigotry as a result of Trump and his supporters, many Muslims proudly shared that they would wear their hijabs tighter, their beards longer and their Islam even closer. ...
More deflection from islamic terror-casting to Trump at Mvslim

Muslim Neighbor
... Let's say "Happy Holidays," "Merry Christmas," and "Happy New Year" by sending greeting postcards to everyone around us! ...
Muslim Neighbors LaunchGood Campaign

[YouTube / USA / Oklahoma / Islamophonia / Piganoia: Another job for the FBI] CAIR-OK Responds to Dumping of Pig Carcass at Oklahoma Mosque

# I Hooper

# Why on earth would fear of allah's evil, terror-casting religion be growing in the USA and elsewhere? Could it have something to do with islamic terror-casting as allah seeks to install itself as 'lord of the worlds' and hijack creation?

[USA / Texas / Flying while muslim] 'Hate crimes' against followers of the false prophet Mohammed increased since allah's signature 9/11 terror-casting, report shows

Hate crimes against Muslims increased since 9/11, report shows

Brandon Jones, KVUE
December 09, 2016
... Data shows that's nearly a 33-percent increase from 2001. In 2001, hate crimes targeting Muslims was a little over 6-percent. Abeer Syed with the North Austin Muslim Community Center feels there are ways to make the community more inclusive. ...
More on allah's success in casting terror and triggering fear of its evil, blasphemous religion at KHOU

# The day allah cast terror - and triggered fear of its evil religion, giving CAIR and others an opportunity to obsess over the resultant 'islamophobia':

Student's SHOCKING Footage Of 9/11 Taken From Her Dorm Room

# Distract. Media

[All muslims are followers of the same false prophet Mohammed (Let Him Be Anathema)] Islamic Unity Week

Islamic Unity Week

Fri Dec 9, 2016
... Furthermore, globally, Muslims are able to forget their differences as they acknowledge the common Prophet (PBUH) and express their love and affection for him in various manners. This allows many misconceptions to be removed as all Muslims are followers of the same Prophet (PBUH). ...
More following the same false prophet (let him be anathema) at PressTV

Mohammed Is A False Prophet

# Thought Crimes

[Iron not alloying with clay / Netherlands: Free-speech-phobic court plays into the hands of Geert Wilders] Anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders found guilty of 'hate speech' for asking if people wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands

Anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech

Associated Press
... At one meeting in a Hague cafe, he asked supporters whether they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. That sparked a chant of "Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!" - to which he replied, "we'll take care of it." ...
More playing into the hands of Wilders at The Telegraph

Friday, 9 December 2016

[YouTube / Terror Australis / Melbourne / Fear of evil, terror-casting islam / Trusty Tradivarius] The Threat of Extremist Separatism & Patriotism by Br Keysar Trad

# IREA Channel

# Dividing societies into 'them and us' / 'othering':

[9.29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

# Flee from allah's evil, antichrist, blasphemous, othering religion - run for your life!

[YouTube / Israel / Burden of Damascus] ALERT DIVINE PILLAR CLOUD at N ISRAEL BORDER as ISIS Attacks

# Shema-ministries Jerusalem

# Thanks to Infidel Blogger's Alliance

SCARY!!! RING CLOUD and Sound of Trumpets -SHOFAR (another angle) in Jerusalem

# אור התורה

[Beware of False Prophets] Why do muslims celebrate the last false prophet of islam

# The false prophet of islam - bigger and more successful than any Nigerian scam. Beware of false prophets, as well as internet scams.

Why do Muslims celebrate the last prophet

By Afis A. Oladosu
09 December 2016
... At forty, Muhammad was commissioned to Prophethood; he was commanded by the Almighty to proclaim a simple message: there is no deity worth of worship except the Almighty; Muhammad is His messenger. This message was simple but difficult. In its effect, it implied the dissolution of all authorities and the recognition of and the secession of all power to the Almighty alone.

Put differently, Islam was a religion which marks the culmination of all other religions; it was a call for the destruction of all principalities except that of the Almighty; it was a declaration that the most odious crime is not murder nor adultery but the setting up for worship, by humans, of deities other than the Almighty. ...
More on allah's doomed attempt to hijack Creation and set itself as 'lord of the worlds' - using the false prophet Mohammed as a proxy - at The Guardian (Nigeria)

# Flee from islam - and its false prophet. Run for your life!

[YouTube / USA / SCAIRmongering in Ohio: Someone made a gun with his fingers and pointed it at a muslim - a muslim in Columbus used a knife made out of steel to attack 'unbelievers' in evil islam because the media misrepresents islam - or something] CAIR-Cincinnati Director Interviewed on Post-Election Spike in Anti-Muslim Incidents

# I Hooper

[YouTube / The Sheep Ate The Homework Under The Pillow] My Favorite Quran Verse (David Wood)

# Acts17Apologetics

[Terror Australis / Sydney / Pigotry] Pigots vandalise islamic 'prayer room' with bacon rashers

Bigots vandalise Muslim prayer room with bacon rashers

09 December 2016
... It’s believed clinical and forensic psychologist Hanan Dover made the grim discovery at the Bankstown-Lidcombe hospital and took to social media to express his disgust. ...
More on the grim discovery at 10 News

[USA / Orlando / Shooting while muslim] The SPLC Considers The Most Deadly Islamic Terror Attack Since 9/11 A Right-Wing Plot

The SPLC Considers The Most Deadly Islamic Terror Attack Since 9/11 A Right-Wing Plot

... The Orlando shooter is one of two Islamic extremists on the SPLC’s list of right-wing terrorists and plots. The other is Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a Michigan imam killed by the FBI in a 2009 shootout. ...
More on the right-wing Orlando plot at The Daily Caller

Terror From The Right
... June 12, 2016
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard of Ft. Pierce, Florida, enters Pulse, an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, with an assault rifle and a pistol. He kills 49 people and wounds 53. ...

[Canada / Winnipeg / An emerging pattern of pork placements?] Meat on windshield might be expression of hate: Winnipeg Islamic leader

Meat on windshield might be expression of hate: Winnipeg Islamic leader

Thursday, December 8, 2016
A piece of meat was placed on the windshield of a member of Winnipeg’s Muslim community, which has created a concern that it might be an expression of hate. ...
More on the possible pork placing - with bonus reference to Donald Trump - at CTV Winnipeg

[USA / Oklahoma / Video: Tonight's Big Story] Lawton Islamic Center falls victim to potential hate crime as pig carcass falls off truck tailgate in car park

Lawton Islamic Center falls victim to potential hate crime

Friday, December 9th 2016
By Rhiannon Poolaw, Producer
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton Police are investigating a possible hate crime after they say a dead pig was dumped off at the Islamic Center on Southwest "F" Avenue. ...
More on the unfortunate pig at KWSO

[YouTube / Apostasy / Barking Mad] Muslim Apologists Say the Dumbest Things: Yusuf Estes Edition (Anthony Rogers)

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