Sunday, 26 May 2019

[YouTube / Europe / Feet of Iron and Clay: Italy and France hit by uptick in celebrations of multicultural diversity and enrichment] It is called Diversity (Monarchoflos)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka: Free-speech-phobia on 'social media' such as Twatter and Fakebook] Cowards in Control (Apostate Prophet)

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[YouTube / Beware of False Prophets / Exchanging the Truth for a Lie / Jesus Saviour] Do Muslims Worship the Same God as Christians and Jews? (Apostate Prophet)

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[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Crucifixion / Resurrection / Salvation / Eternal Life] Cup of Gethsemane as You've Never Seen It Before! (A & Ω Productions)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka: Expressions of muslimness and Once-great-Britain-ness] Jess Phillips Tells Muslim Protesters They Aren’t Islam-ing Correctly | LGBT Lessons in UK Schools (Matt Christiansen)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka falling on Canada as the 'ummah' expresses its muslimness and victimness as 'phobia' of the phony god's evil religion rises] Breaking Point, or Turning Point? (NCCMtv)

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[YouTube / Memories / Flying while muslim / Some people did something on 9/11] Some People Did Something by Toots Sweet

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[YouTube / Revelation / Great Tribulation / Mystery Babylon / Beast 666 / Armageddon / Jesus Saviour] The Book of Revelation (21) – The Campaign of Armageddon (Derek Walker)

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

[YouTube / USA / Meet your muslim neighbor - the Taliban man] "American Taliban" Terrorist John Walker Lindh Released from Prison, Living in Virginia (Acts17Apologetics)

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[Expressions of European-ness or North-African-ness: Someone did something at a bakery, but district mayor says it is not the Apocalypse - there is no danger and no risk] France: Package bomb explodes in Lyon 'attack'

France: Package bomb explodes in Lyon 'attack'
... District mayor Denis Broliquier said it was glass from the windows that caused the injuries.

He said the bakery's fridge "wasn't that damaged, which means the device had low force."

"It's not the apocalypse," he said. "There is no danger, there is no risk." ...
More no danger and no risk at DW

[YouTube / Iron Burka / Meet your muslim neighbours - the Metropolitan Police 'Community Assessors' vetting new recruits] Paul Weston - Why The British Police Bow To Islam (Paul Weston)

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[YouTube / Wars and Rumours of Wars / America / Iran / Ezekiel 38 - 39] "Prophecy Update: Situation Critical IRAN" (Hope For Our Times)

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[YouTube / Israel - Jerusalem - Peace and Security - Burdensome Stone - Cup of Trembling] Jordanians call for 3rd Intifada due to 'Deal of the Century' (EverythingNewUnderThe Son)

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[YouTube / Iron Burka: Expressions of muslimness and child sexual exploitation in Once-great Britain] Labour Knew about the M*sl*m Grooming Gangs (Critical UK)

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