Tuesday, 23 July 2019

[YouTube / Canada: The fake god's religion - with its snide laws - is compatible with Canadian values, apparently] Islam – compatible or incompatible with Canada? (fight Islamophobia)

# fight Islamophobia

[YouTube / SCAIRmongering / 'Jihad Squad' poster is dangerous, and has dangerous consequences - unlike the koran, which merely calls for beheading and mutilating 'unbelievers' - rather than struggling to lose weight or get the kids off to school on time] ABC 7: Executive Director Ahmed Rehab Comments on "Jihad Squad" Post (CAIR Chicago)

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# The triggering continues:

CAIR-Chicago, Partners Condemn GOP Group's Racist 'Jihad Squad' Facebook Post

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[Iron Burka falling on Britain, as the 'Islamophobia Inquisition' comes to Southwark] Southwark Council adopts definition of 'phobia' of the phony god's phony religion - with calls to do more for minorities and women (such as hate-criming 'misogyny')

Southwark Council adopts definition of Islamophobia with calls to do more for minorities and women

By Bridie Witton
The Southwark Council assembly has adopted the All-Party Parliamentary Group working definition of Islamophobia.

It comes as Labour and Lib Dem councillors call on the cabinet to do more to help minorities and women – including pushing for misogyny to become a hate crime. ...
More on the phony phobia - and the 'expressions of muslimness' in the name of the fake god that accompany it - at News Shopper

[YouTube / Bridge For Sale: In 2017, 46% of people surveyed (or something) said the fake god's evil, antichrist religion was damaging to Canada - taken to be a 'phobia' of something totally evil] Does Canada have a problem with Islamophobia? (The.Bridge.Initiative [Organization])

# The.Bridge.Initiative [Organization]

[YouTube / Iron Burka: Expressions of muslimness and anti-Kuffarness] Fear of Islam is not a phobia but a sign of common sense. (Ex-Muslims Of Norway)

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# Lady Ylva

[Iron Burka falling on Britain, as the 'Islamophobia Inquisition' comes to Bradford. In the ideal world, there will be no false god of islam to deceive people into following its blasphemous, antichrist religion, or cause them to cast terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers' by beheading, maiming, bombing, shooting, stabbing and mowing them down.] Council votes on phony phobia definition to show 'no form of hate is tolerated' in District (where the false god's evil religion is concerned)

Council votes on Islamophobia definition to show 'no form of hate is tolerated' in District

By Chris Young
17th July
... A vote was held at a full meeting of the Council in City Hall last night meaning the Council now recognises a definition of Islamophobia that has been formed in partnership with the Bradford Hate Crime Alliance and the Council for Mosques. ...
More defining 'phobia' of an evil, blasphemous, antichrist religion in a land turning away from salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ at Telegraph and Argus

# Expressions of muslimness and pigotry in Bradford:

Bradford Muslims demand compliance with Islamic law

# Politico

[YouTube / Iron Burka falling on Britain as a city hit by a violent expression of muslimness or perceived muslimness declares 'phobia' of the false god's evil, terror-casting religion to be a 'hate crime', and 'racism' against a non-race] Geo News Special – Manchester City Council Declares Islamophobia As Hate Crime And Racism (Geo News)

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# Expression of muslimness or perceived muslimness in Manchester, May 2017:

13-Year Old Manchester Bombing Survivor Recalls Her Body Shutting Down | Today


Monday, 22 July 2019

[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Mystery of Godliness / Mystery of Iniquity] Powers of this Dark World & Spiritual Forces of Evil in the Heavenly Realms (A & Ω Productions)

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[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Crucifixion / Resurrection / Salvation / Eternal Life] You Can Trust That Only Jesus Saves You! (Revelation Now)

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[YouTube / Beware of false prophets - and their false prophetry] Allah is the puppet of Mohammed (Ex-Muslims Of Norway)

# Ex-Muslims Of Norway

[YouTube / SCAIRmongering / Hedjabbery: 'Islamophobia Inquisition' claims yet another victim, who posted a 'controversial' tweet about a 'try a hijab on' booth at a college campus dawa event promoting the fake god's blasphemous, antichrist religion] CAIR-MI's Dawud Walid with Trump-Supporting Miss Michigan Stripped of Title Over Islamophobic Posts (CAIRtv)

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[YouTube / Wars and Rumours of Wars - Iran - Britain - USA - Swordi / Israel - Peace and Security - Burdensome Stone / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Extreme Weather / Pestilence / Mystery of Iniquity / Antichrist - War upon the Saints / Jesus Saviour - Redemption] Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines - 7/20/19 (Prophecy Update Videos)

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[YouTube / False christs and false prophets will arise and deceive many / Beast 666 / Peace and Security / Jesus Saviour / Lord of Lords / King of Kings] HERE is what the Jews Believe about RETURN OF THE MESSIAH (before 6000 years are up) - EverythingNewUnderThe Son

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[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Rapture / Revelation / Great Tribulation] Why the Pre-Trib Rapture View is the Only View That Makes Sense (Prophecy Update Videos)

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[YouTube / USA / Age of Trump / Expressions of muslimness, sharia, jihad, antichrist and people doing things] Ode to Ilhan (parody song "Don't Know Much") - Classically Gail

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Ode to Ilhan singalong version!