Monday, 25 June 2018

[YouTube / Volcanoes / Geysers / Extreme Weather - Hail - Floods / Pestilence / Big Brother / Iron Burka - Swordi - driving while muslima / Jesus Saviour] LATEST END TIMES NEWS AND CURRENT EVENTS! JUNE 24/2018 (VIGILANT ANGEL)


[YouTube / EU / Germany / Daniel: Feet of Iron and Clay] EU Leaders Meet On Migrant Crisis But The EU Is Showing Cracks And So Is Germany (Jerry Eldred)

# Jerry Eldred

[USA / SCAIRmongering in Minnesota following disrespect of pork products] Two Vigils Held to Show Support for the Muslim Community in Rochester

Two Vigils Held to Show Support for the Muslim Community in Rochester

June 24, 2018
... "Pork products being used to desecrate places of worship in Mosques, even synagogues in the United States is nothing new. It has been happening for quite some time throughout the country," said Regina Mustafa with the Council on American Islamic Relations. ...
More on the bacon abuse at ABC 6

Dozens gather to stand in solidarity with Rochester's Muslim community
... Local police have been notified of the incident. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has called on the FBI to investigate the "attempted religious desecration" of the mosque as a potential hate crime. ...

[YouTube / Iron Burka: Bondage and submission to the fake god and false prophet in Oslo] Islamic Call To Prayer In Norway Central Oslo (PeterSweden)

# PeterSweden

[Germany / Iron Burkini: Submission to the demands of the fake god's followers - with some resistance] 'Parallel Societies': German Teacher Slams School Ordering Burkinis For Girls

'Parallel Societies': German Teacher Slams School Ordering Burkinis For Girls

... The Pestalozzi-Gymnasium in Herne in northern Germany had purchased 20 burkinis for swimming lessons for some of its Muslim students, which triggered debates on integration in Germany several days ago. ...
More debate-triggering in the submitting nation at Sputnik

[YouTube / USA / Interfaith / Mystery, Babylon the Great] Vision of the FALSE LIGHT, Mystery Babylon Merchandising in Human Souls. (Noni Bisconi)

# Noni Bisconi

[Iron Burka / Once-great Britain: Yet another yarn about 'islamophobia', referring to the false prophet Mohammed as a prophet] Why the Conservatives must not ignore concerns about phony phobia of the phony god's phony, terror-casting religion in their party

Why the Conservatives must not ignore Islamophobia concerns in their party

By Jonathan Walker
16 JUN 2018
... Alexander van Terheyden, a Tory council candidate in Hackney, was suspended by the Conservative Party for calling Islam a “violent political ideology” comparable to fascism and communism.

And the MCB highlighted the case of Nick Sundin, a Conservative Party candidate in the Ouseburn ward in Newcastle, who was suspended when it emerged he had called the prophet Mohammed a “f****** paedophile” in tweets. ...
More tripe in support of the fake god's violent, Kuffarcidal, antichrist, blasphemous religion in the land where the police threaten to prosecute prosecute people for 'islamophobic' tweets and posts at Chronicle Live

[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Rebellion / Redemption / Grace] Reconciliation (LONNIE MARTIN)


[YouTube / Make Britain Great Again / EU / Feet of Iron and Clay / Resistance] We Will Stop the EU Banning Pepe the Frog - Janice Atkinson (Red Pill Factory /// Make Britain Great Again)

# Red Pill Factory /// Make Britain Great Again

[YouTube / USA / SCAIRmongering / Crime of the Century / Porkophobia] CAIR-Minnesota Seeks Hate Crime Probe of Bacon Left at Rochester Mosque (CAIRtv)

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[YouTube / Mystery of Godliness / Grace] Please… God’s Grace in the Old Testament (PaulthePoke)

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

[YouTube / Iron Burka / Chicago / Eidolatry: A celebration for 'reverts' to the fake god's blasphemous, antichrist religion] An Eid Party for New Muslims like no other (gainpeace)

# gainpeace

ABC News excellent coverage of GainPeace Eid for Reverts

[YouTube / Wars and Rumours of Wars - Libya / Extreme Weather - India / Allah the Kuffar Slayer - Germany / Lawlessness] END TIMES SIGNS: LATEST NEWS AND STRANGE EVENTS (JUNE 23, 2018) strange days (End Times Reporter)

# End Times Reporter

[EU / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Burden of Damascus] European parl’t approves designation of int’l day for Islamic State terror attack victims (makes more sense than a day to remember 'islamophobia', perhaps)

European parl’t approves designation of int’l day for Islamic State victims

by Mohammed Ebraheem
Jun 24, 2018
Baghdad ( – The Iraqi foreign ministry said on Sunday that a proposal it presented to the European Parliament to designate an international day to commemorate victims of terror attacks linked to the Islamic State group was approved. ...
More commemoration of victims of islamic terror linked to ISIS at Iraqi News

# How long before the fake god's followers start demanding that islamic terror linked to ISIS has nothing to do with islam?