Tuesday, 14 July 2020

[YouTube / Beef Lives Matter] Cow casually strolls into Australian police station | 7NEWS

# 7NEWS Australia

YouTube / BLT Matters: People Whose Lives Matter eagerly collect their parcels from mobile Amazon collection point in LA, while a disgruntled art critic splatters red paint on the New York Mayor's art installation at Trump tower and xir / xem / zhey gets misgandered somewhere

# BBC News USA

Meanwhile in LA #Amazon Delivery van swarmed by Blacks. Just watch the behavior here. As soon as 1 or 2 start stealing items blacks in traffic get out of their cars to join in until it’s a feeding frenzy (7/9)

Meanwhile in Front of Trump Tower Something Happened to the Graffiti on the Street (7/13)

# Decolonizing science by getting rid of it and starting again, or something:

Racist Black Woman Thinks Gravity Doesn't Apply to Black People Thinks White People Invented It Just to Hold Them Down- LOL

# Xir / xem / zhey gets misgandered and removed from street corner:



[YouTube / BLT Matters - Uptick in anti-police sentiment and lawlessness in New York / Pestilence - Covid-19 / Psalm 83 - Calls to eliminate Israel / Jesus Saviour - Crucifixion - Resurrection / Great Falling Away / Great Tribulation / Beast 666] Prophecy Update (7/12/20) - Tom Hughes & Greg Denham (Prophecy Update Videos)

# Prophecy Update Videos

[YouTube / Allah The Kuffar Slayer / False Prophet / Someone expresses his muslimness by blaming Jews for lots of things] Palestinian Sheikh: The Jews Are Behind All the Bloodshed, Corruption, Poverty in the World (MEMRI TV Videos)

# MEMRI TV Videos

[YouTube / BLT Matters / Resistance] March in Support of the NYPD in Rockaway Beach, NY (Father Ecology)

# Father Ecology

Huge rally for the NYPD in Rockaway Queens

# Now That's Crazy

[YouTube / Revelation / Pestilence / Coronavirus / BLT Matters / Lawlessness / Jesus Saviour / Rapture / Millennium] The Age of Grace (Bob Zasada)

# Bob Zasada

[YouTube / Revelation / Pestilence / Coronavirus / Beast 666 / Jesus Saviour / Rapture / Redemption] Watchman Report: The Mark of the Beast? (Prophecy Update Videos)

# Prophecy Update Videos

[YouTube / False christs and false prophets will arise and deceive many] How relativity of time exposed the false prophet Muhammad? (The Arabian Prophet)

# The Arabian Prophet

[YouTube / BLT Matters: Walking tour of New York as the process of rewilding the parks, streets and subways continues under the auspices of the Mayor, who holds a second job as a painter and decorator, apparently] CHAZ New York Tropical Storm worldinfo.tv

# world INFO 3

# Before Degentrification:

Petula Clark 1967 Don t Sleep in the Subway

# Ixabel irujo urbon

# Mayor shows skills with paint and roller as Fifth Avenue is 'liberated':

NYC mayor BIll de Blasio paints BLM in front of the Trump Tower

# PraiseOurDoctors

Monday, 13 July 2020

[YouTube / BLT Matters / Barking Mad: Pedestrian walk signals display blatant Caucasity and anti-Blackness, while 2+2=4 is Western cultural imperialism (unlike II+II=IV?)] This is Not a Parody - It's Real! 😂 (Mark Dice)

# Mark Dice

[YouTube / Pestilence / Coronavirus / 'New Normal' / Great Reset] 2020-Time of Sorrows Series 2 (Thy Second Coming)

# Thy Second Coming

[YouTube / Pestilence / Coronavirus - New Normal - Great Reset] How The 'Great Reset' Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To 'Reimagine' Humanity (Vigilant Mindset)

# Vigilant Mindset

[YouTube / Days of Noah / BLT Matters: America hit by uptick in mostly peaceful homicides of those who have the sheer Caucasity to say that 'All Lives Matter'] BLM Terrorist KILLS Woman for saying "All Lives Matter"! (John Matrixx)

# John Matrixx

# Memories of murderous anti-Caucasity towards those who say 'All Lives Matter':

Claira Janover Before And After Losing Job For Stab Threat TikTok Video

# Smooth Media

[YouTube / Age of Trump / 'Operation Flagdrop' / American Lives Matter] *Breaking* Trump flag placed over "black lives matter" in NYC. (Ernie ernie)

# Ernie ernie

# Transformation of New York into Seattle 2.0 continues:

NYPD Not Allowed To Arrest Spray Paint Vandal Across City Hall

# Smooth Media

[YouTube / Beware of False Prophets / Jesus Saviour] What I LIKE about Muhammad! (Acts17Apologetics)

# Acts17Apologetics